Balancing axial fans, portable device BALTECH VP-3460

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Balancing axial fans, portable device BALTECH VP-3460

Balancing of fans, one of the most common tasks in the field of balancing of rotary equipment. Frequency balancing depends on the location, working conditions, and climatic conditions. Many practitioners use simple methods of balancing. For example, often use common methods of balancing of rotors in static "on the knives" or by a method of iteration and selection of cargo light balance point on the rotor. Someone balances the impellers of axial fans balancing machines, as does the manufacturer, and someone conducts a field balancing operation. So, based on the fan design, it is best to produce axial balancing of the wheels in place, working supports by means of the vibrometer-balancer BALTECH VP-3460 or balancing instrument with vibration analysis BALTECH VP-3470.

In this case, balancing will be done better, as when you balance the impeller on the machine, then only it is balanced, and when you do wheel balancing in own bearings of the fan – you balance the whole system.

Consider the following example. Is manufacturer of ventilation structures, where it delivers its products already with axial fans. Impeller for them he acquires from another manufacturer. And to reduce the cost of these wheels wants to abandon balancing from the manufacturer. In the end, we see that the design of the frame-the engine-the fan is made with such shortcomings that even with a balanced wheel on the machine vibration at the supports of the engine is 15-20 mm/s, which is forbidden vibrations for further use. In the end, to get away from balancing the producer was not only low but necessary, as only when operating the vibrometer-balancer BALTECH VP-3460 software BALTECH-Expert company has been able to succeed in balancing these units.

Also the main advantage of balancing in own bearings using the vibrometer - balancer BALTECH VP-3460 or device BALTECH VP-3470 is the fact that for carrying out work requires minimal preparation for balancing. For balancing you'll need to stop the unit to access the impeller, stick a reflective marker and place the vibration sensor on the bearing. For balancing axial fan is required to spend only 3 start-up. When you first start, you measure the initial data for vibrations and phase on the basis of which is taken further balancing solution. At the second start, you measure the vibration and phase with installed test load. And in the third you start checking the work done, so as a balancing mass, you'll hang after the second start.

The software BALTECH-Expert allows you to create your hardware, taking into account bearings, which further, after the balancing will not only remove the primary vibration on the supports, but also to obtain a vibration spectrum and time signal on the basis of which you can obtain information on the condition of the bearing unit.

To hone their skills and qualification in the field of balancing axial (axial) fans, you will undergo a refresher course at the training center of the company BALTECH GmbH TOP-102 "Balancing of rotors on site and on the balancing machine".