Balancing turbines and compressors, Baltech GmbH Germany

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Balancing turbines and compressors, Baltech GmbH Germany

One of the most important technological operations in the manufacture, installation and repair of turbines and turbochargers is a balancing of the rotor. To rectify the imbalance of the rotor of this unit is possible only with dynamic balancing, and it is carried out generally in three stages. The first step is balancing the shaft and impeller, then the second stage involves the balancing of the rotor Assembly. Finally, in the third stage eliminates the imbalance, which is to be paid at the final Assembly of the turbine, through rotor balancing in own bearings. The quality of the balancer works on each stage (depending on type of equipment) must meet certain strict requirements, as oscillatory power in the imbalance are low and are manifested in the form of significant, and sometimes even devastating disturbances on the support Assembly, the supporting structures and foundations.

In order for specialists of enterprises and organizations engaged in the manufacture, installation, adjustment and repair of turbines and turbochargers had a tool that would allow them to produce dynamic balancing of rotors of turbines and compressors in the shortest possible time and with high accuracy BALTECH GmbH has developed and introduced a complete line of equipment to perform dynamic balancing of rotors in all stages of production, Assembly, commissioning and service. For use on the first two stages of the company BALTECH offers two lines of balancing machines vertical and horizontal design - BALTECH BALTECH HBM and VBM. The machines are developed based on the experience of the world's leading manufacturers of balancing equipment. Balancing machines conform to international standards ISO, have a universal platform when different types of drive, a simple and intuitive interface does not require special tools to reconfigure, they are distinguished by low cost, low maintenance and warranty for five years. Balancing machines from BALTECH are produce automatic calculation of the balancing masses, determine where the correction on the rotor and can be equipped with devices for automatic removal of masses.

 To ensure the implementation of the rotor of the turbine in their own poles will allow a new multi-kit BALTECH VP-3470. Using 2 channels of vibration measurement and laser tachometer, you can quickly accomplish effective dynamic balancing of the rotor in the four planes. To solve this problem the intended a balancing kit for explosive devices BALTECH VP-3470-Ex. This balancing kit virtually eliminates the possibility of user error in the process of work on the balancing due to the unique functions that control the stability of the data, the built-in hint system operating in real-time and graphical interface. This product has the function of addition and decomposition of vectors, if you can't put in the designed place on the rotor balance weight.

Selling all equipment BALTECH GmbH is accompanied by a free training in practical skills of balancing, in the training center of the company is to Supplement the theoretical knowledge of the fundamentals and different aspects of balancing, have a practice on the balancing machine or equipment for balancing in own bearings. Specialists of the company BALTECH GmbH will assist in the launch of the balancing devices and will make linking it to the technological process of the enterprise. The customer may voluntarily choose the training venue - the training center of the company or on the territory of the enterprise. The training is conducted by highly qualified certificated employees of the company. Company BALTECH GmbH provides timely warranty and post-warranty service of delivered equipment. The specialists of the maintenance Department are always ready to assist enterprises in carrying out the dynamic balancing of rotors, as on the balancing machine and at the place of installation in its own bearings.