Balancing radial centrifugal fans - BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Balancing radial centrifugal fans - BALTECH GmbH Germany

Radial (centrifugal) fans found wide application not only in different industries but also in everyday life. This kind of fans is the basis of all systems of ventilation, conditioning and heating is responsible for regulating moisture content in the air, and many other useful features.

Radial fans are the impeller, located in the snail casing, revolving at different speeds, air enters the channel, and due to the blades moving in the radial direction, and is compressed under the action of centrifugal force is directed into the exit hole.

All of the fans when installing it is always recommended to provide a flexible panel and isolators to reduce vibration during operation of the mechanism. After carrying out of installation works it is necessary to check the vibration level and to balance the impeller using the vibrometer-balancer BALTECH VP-3460. To assess the quality of construction and Assembly works with the help of spectral analysis. To check the status of bearings for defects. The delivery device includes a unique software BALTECH-Expert.

BALTECH-Expert - program maintain databases on the results of vibration diagnostics, alignment of machinery and components, thermal imaging surveys determination of residual life of equipment components and mechanisms. To configure your enterprise database, recording in her factories, shops, sites and mechanisms. For each unit the software allows you to store reports on alignment, balancing, vibration analysis and thermal control. On the basis of reporting has the opportunity to build trends and to track the status over time with the aim of finding defects, threshold settings and determine the true causes of a fault.

In the software BALTECH-Expert provides the flexibility to adjust the threshold levels for vibration, misalignment, temperature, which helps the specialist to reliably predict future maintenance units and mehanizmov.

Specialists Training center of the company BALTECH has trained many specialists who now work in departments of technical diagnostics at the enterprises of all industries and apply their skills in the field of improvement of trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Company BALTECH GmbH invites You to mutually beneficial cooperation. For all inquiries please contact the office of the company BALTECH GmbH. A huge plus is that our company has a comprehensive approach on equipment supply, training and further maintenance training devices to state verification and calibration, post-warranty maintenance of devices and repair. Our main goal is to provide you with modern and quality appliances to provide the full range of services to train Your staff properly to work with devices that will continue to solve the problems of vibration diagnostics and balancing at your enterprise.