Balancing pumps and pump units - BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Balancing pumps and pump units - BALTECH GmbH Germany

The market is saturated with offers of various devices that make our lives more comfortable. A variety of pumping equipment existing in our time, helps to solve many tasks and problems arising in different spheres of life. They are usually used in life support systems homes, many engineering designs of industrial and civil construction and in various stages of production, an important auxiliary circuits in technological processes of enterprises. Safe and effective for the environment they are used to pump any liquid - clean and with contaminants, providing comfortable conditions for human life.

Pumps, like any technically complex products, the need for regular maintenance. The frequency of maintenance is affected by many factors. Very often pump failure is occur due to violations of the rules of installation, operating conditions and problems. To ensure a long service life and prevent premature failure, the pump equipment should be timely maintenance. The most preferred method of control of technical condition can be called a vibration. Vibration diagnostics is a method of NDT (non destructive testing), allowing to detect defects of the equipment by measuring the acoustic and vibration characteristics.

Our company BALTECH GmbH is one of the market leaders in diagnostic equipment, with extensive experience in maintenance and diagnostic units, in order to avoid breakage, unscheduled stops and to maintain pump in good condition, recommends the following equipment:

- multifunctional dual channel kit series "VibroPoint" BALTECH VP-3460 with a modified electronic circuitry and software BALTECH-Expert.

The vibration meter BALTECH VP-3470 BALTECH programme-Expert that is designed for beginners and experienced users of the instruments for vibration analysis.

Calculator for multi-plane dynamic balancing of machines and mechanisms BALTECH Balance.

Inexpensive and easy to use portable vibration meter BALTECH VP-3460 registers in selected locations the magnitude of vibration, rotation speed, and determines the phase angle. The principle of the vibrometer is based on the conversion of vibration of the controlled object into a proportional electrical signal and further processing for vibration analysis software BALTECH-Expert. The measuring unit receives and processes signals from sensors, performs integration, performs vibration diagnostics and balancing, forms reports.

Balancing of the pumps is a complex procedure that requires highly skilled workers and special equipment. To achieve good results with balancing, alignment and maintenance of equipment it is best to trust the professionals of the company BALTECH where all the work is done by experienced technicians service.

Company BALTECH GmbH has a training course (training) on which Your experts will be trained in the direction of TOP 102 "Balancing of rotors on site and on the balancing machine," the TOP 101 "fundamentals of laser shaft alignment".