Balancing of machines and mechanisms in own bearings - BALTECH

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Balancing of machines and mechanisms in own bearings - BALTECH

Today, when an unscheduled shutdown of equipment for a couple of hours can mean losing a large profit, you must constantly monitor the technical condition of industrial equipment. One of the main causes of industrial output dynamic equipment failure is a significant excess residual imbalance of the rotor or of the impeller, depending on the specific equipment. This defect is easy to determine with simple pastries BALTECH VP using the ISO 10816 standards, but the precise confirmation of the defect can be obtained only by using special equipment – analysers. Upon detection of excessive vibration of the equipment necessary to establish the causes of its occurrence.

Causes of vibration:

- the imbalance of the shaft/rotor;

- sticking on the rotor blades of the various fans and other similar equipment;

- cavitation caused by violations of technological processes;

- the weakening of the Foundation on which the equipment is installed, or the mounting;

- misalignment of the equipment;

- etc.

Let us examine in more detail the root cause of excessive vibration unbalance. Imbalance appears as a consequence of unbalance of the rotor. To solve this defect it is necessary to conduct the balancing. Initially, the part (rotor, shaft, etc.) is balanced at the factory with balancing machines BALTECH HBM, VBM, SBM, but in the process of operation of the component is deformation that contribute to its imbalance. To solve this problem, it is recommended to use portable devices for balancing BALTECH VP-3460. With the help of this device there is a possibility of balancing of various rotating bodies (impeller, rotor, shaft, etc.) in own bearings i.e. for balancing is not required the full or partial parse of the unit. The device is able to accurately balance any equipment, weight and size do not matter, with the 3 planes of 4 points. BALTECH VP-3460 is a vibration meter – tachometer – balancer – thermometer c program maintaining a database BALTECH-Expert. Powerful software BALTECH-Expert, which comes with the instrument turns it into a collector measurements to maintain databases, conduct analysis of the obtained results, as well as sposobno to predict the time to failure by means of the compilation of the trends of the defects. This program BALTECH-Expert is a unique platform for maintaining databases and analyzing the data obtained in the directions, alignment, balancing, vibration diagnostics, infrared thermography, and expandable control parameters. For ease of operation in this software is integrated the reporting module, as for each area and total for the particular equipment taking into account all areas.

We recommend you to visit the specialized training TOP-102 "Balancing of rotors on site and on the balancing machines" conducted by the training center of the company BALTECH GmbH.