BALTECH GmbH Germany - Dynamic balancing of rotors of fans

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BALTECH GmbH Germany - Dynamic balancing of rotors of fans

Experience shows that specialists of the BALTECH GmbH, the operation and control of the vibration characteristics of the fan under operation, the main causes leading to these failure mechanisms are associated with high dynamic loads acting on bearings and lead to premature damage and destruction. The magnitude of the dynamic loads in the first place depends on the level of the operational unbalance of impellers of fans, as well as the quality of the execution of the joining alignment with clutch rotors (for large fans and exhaust fans) and the technical condition of bearings of fans, which can deteriorate in service. To achieve minimum misalignment with the modern systems of shaft alignment BALTECH SA-4300, the condition of the bearings we recommend to verify with the vibration analyzer BALTECH VP-3470. Increase in actual level of imbalance of the mechanism of two times permitted, shorten the bearing life 8 times. Balancing in own bearings You will help to make the device BALTECH VP-3460 - vibration meter-tachometer-balancer-thermometer or BALTECH VP-3470-Ex - vibrometer-balancer, so the company BALTECH produces balancing machines BALTECH HBM, with which You can make a balancing of fans and other parts in one launch. Similar data are available for dynamic loads associated with misalignment of rotors and their bearings defects. In practice, the technical condition of the fan is usually assessed on the level of vibration measured on its bearing units with refrigerators series "VibroPoint" manufactured by BALTECH. Research of domestic and foreign experts have shown that long-term operation of the bearings of machines are possible at levels of vibration on acceleration not exceeding 0.1 g, depending on frequency of rotation of the rotor of the machine is approximately 2 - 6 mm/sec at the average of the mean square value of vibration velocity. Compliance with these requirements allows you to avoid the fatigue failure of bearing elements associated primarily with high alternating loads. In addition, the reduction to the allowed values of the vibration level of the fan reduces the probability of breakage of the oil film separating moving parts of the bearings. This in turn leads to a decrease in the intensity of abrasive wear by direct contact, which also positively affects the increase of the bearing life of the fan. Given the above, it becomes obvious the need for periodic instrumental inspection of technical condition of the fans. Practice shows that for this purpose the service manual, it is sufficient to have the devices BALTECH VP-3410 is a vibrometer (displacement, velocity, acceleration) for measurement of vibration and condition monitoring of the bearing and BALTECH VP-3470 - vibrometer-balancer c program databases maintenance and accessories, with which you can measure vibration level and to produce a dynamic balancing of fans in their own poles. It can provide the ability to timely identify and mitigate the increased vibration of the fan through the balancing of wheels, replacement of defective bearings, etc. It allows to achieve a significant increase of service life of the fans and to avoid situations associated with their emergency exit from the building, resulting in significantly reduced costs for maintenance and repair of fans.