Balancing of armatures and rotors of electric machines - BALTECH

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Balancing of armatures and rotors of electric machines - BALTECH

Balancing of armatures and rotors is very important and mandatory work for electrical machinery, because the right and accurate balance largely is a crucial operation for the future reliable operation of not only cars, but production in General.

After production at the factory or after repair at the place of operation of the armature and rotors are sent to static balancing, and after that produce a dynamic balancing Assembly rotating on its own bearings. The static balancing produced on special machines to eliminate the unbalance masses of the armature and rotor of electric machines. The uneven distribution of mass may occur due to the different thickness of individual parts, the presence of sinks on the details of uniform departure of the frontal parts of the winding, etc. The armature and the rotor, the axis of rotation which does not coincide with the Central axis of inertia, is called unstable. During the rotation of these unbalanced armatures and rotors causes increased vibration, thereby destroying the bearings and Foundation of the machine. Resulting in increased intervals between repairs, unplanned stops, decrease the volume of production.

To solve this problem today, you can simply contact the company BALTECH GmbH, which has extensive experience in design, Troubleshooting tasks on static and dynamic balancing of armatures and rotors.

The company BALTECH offers balancing machines of any model and type. BALTECH is ready to manufacture according to your special order, to put the balancing machine of any complexity - gorizontalnoso and theresonance type for armatures and rotors with mass from 1 g to 110 ton, which are manufactured according to ISO 2953:1999.

Balancing machines BALTECH HBM have the following advantages:

- full compliance with ISO;

- permanent calibration;

the software is in German (supplemented by up to 15 languages);

free user training at the training center of BALTECH;

- high precision balancing;

- simple and intuitive interface;

- the versatility of the platform (and gimbal belt drive);

- low cost of operation and maintenance

Having your company a balancing machine BALTECH you for a very long time will solve the problem with the unbalance of armatures and rotors of electric machines. Balancing of armatures and rotors to be produced quickly, efficiently and reliably. Balancing machines from BALTECH are indispensable and essential equipment not only production plant, but also for service organizations.

To solve the problem with dynamic balancing of armatures and rotors of electric machines can inexpensive reliable time-tested instrument vibrometer-balancer BALTECH VP-3460. This kit was at the moment is one of the best devices in terms of price/quality. The two channels of vibration allows you to easily carry out the balancing of armatures and rotors even assembled on its own bearings. It is an indispensable assistant remontnyj division of mechanics and engineers. Due to the modification of predecessor in this device an improved electronic circuit, the software BALTECH-Expert, in connection with this came the opportunity to control vibration and temperature in the normalized range and connect a regular tachometers.

Kit features BALTECH VP-3460:

- Vibration measurements according to ISO 10816

- Temperature control

- Dynamic balansirovka own bearings

- Measurement along the route.

Using the universal software BALTECH-Expert that works with complex equipment BALTECH, there is a possibility:

- Create a route measurement

- Load a route into the device

- View data

- Save the measurement results to the database

- Report generation by vibration, rotor balancing, shaft alignment, and thermography.

Having a set of equipment from the company BALTECH GmbH in the enterprise can be considered that the question of balancing of rotors and anchors electrical machines closed.

In our own training centre, which is located in Lubeck, conducted training, advanced training and retraining on the training course TOP-102 "Balancing of rotors on site and on the balancing machine".